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Konami is Hiring for Unannounced In-House Silent Hill Game

Silent Hill recently got a major revival when numerous entries, including the mysterious Silent Hill F and a Silent Hill 2 remake, were revealed. That momentum doesn’t seem to be ending there, though, as Konami is now seeking a game director for an unannounced, in-house Silent Hill game.

Konami already stated last month that more Silent Hill games are being planned beyond what was already announced, but we now have confirmation that it’s developing a new game with an in-house team. Twitter user Dusk Golem, who reported on several Silent Hill projects long before they were announced, was asked about Konami’s recent job listings. They responded, “Them mentioning the hiring is for Silent Hill projects specifically & one of the positions is for a Game Director definitely spells it out, but its honestly not that surprising.”

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Konami described the newly opened job listings: “We have opened a special page for recruiting high-end game creators, including the ‘Silent Hill series’!” The game director listing particularly mentions that it’s for a new Silent Hill game, though the company hasn’t offered any more details about it.

There are a number of Silent Hill games currently in development. A remake of Silent Hill 2 is being developed by The Medium and Layers of Fear studio Bloober Team. Meanwhile, Higurashi artist Ryukishi07 is writing the story for Silent Hill F, which is currently being developed by Resident Evil Re:Verse studio NeoBards Entertainment. Lastly, publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer No Code are working on Silent Hill: Townfall, which is supposedly billed as an episodic title.

Additionally, filmmaker Christophe Gans, who directed 2006’s Silent Hill live-action adaptation, is making a third movie called Return to Silent Hill that will more or less adapt the story of the Silent Hill 2 video game.

Konami might be looking at the success of Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise when considering the revival of Silent Hill and it’s quite obvious that Konami wants to compete in the horror space again.

Source: TheGamer

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