Konami Lets Silent Hill Domain Expire and Someone Bought it to Troll The Studio

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Konami Lets Silent Hill Domain Expire and Someone Bought it to Troll The Studio

Konami really doesn’t seem to care about Silent Hill at all anymore. Even after fans have begged and even come up with some insane fan conspiracies about a game being in development at the studio. Konami’s lack of caring for Silent Hill has led to the official game domain lapsing leaving it available for some random person on the internet to buy and they did.

The official Silent Hill domain, silenthill.com recently expired and someone managed to purchase it before Komani noticed the expiration. Sadly, Konami “forgot” to renew the domain. You know, because they are so busy with all the many many games they are working on at the moment (insert sarcasm here) that these things happen.

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Since the domain expired and was available for anyone to lap up, some internet user with a lot of money took advantage of this opportunity and bought the domain themselves. The Silent Hill site now shows a tweet of Masahiro Ito saying “I wish I hadn’t designed fxxkin Pyramid Head”.

This isn’t a made-up tweet. In fact, Masahiro actually tweeted this a few days ago. He didn’t clarify why but it might be related to Pyramid Head’s fame. Previous reports claim that Konami originally designed the freakish character for limited use. However, due to the character’s fame, they decided to use it for most Silent Hill games. By the sound of things, Masahiro didn’t want this to happen.

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But that isn’t the news here. The Silent Hill domain no longer belongs to Konami and they are going to have to pay quite a hefty amount of money to buy it back from whoever has it now. Keep in mind that this doesn’t stop Konami from making a new domain but if they want the website to link to the best-suited domain name, they will have to claim this back.

This is also the second time this domain expiration has happened without Konami noticing. In 2019, the SilentHill.com domain also went up for sale after Konami forgot to renew it. However, the studio managed to buy it back before anyone noticed and they avoided the problem. This time, that didn’t work.

It is quite sad to think that Silent Hill has been abandoned at the studio. So much so that Konami would even forget to keep the domain safe from random people. In all honesty, I have no clue what is going on at Konami except for their football video game series so the studio can’t be that busy, right?

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