Konami Suikoden Tokyo Game Show 2022

Konami Reportedly Reviving Suikoden at TGS 2022

Konami is reportedly reviving the Suikoden series at Tokyo Game Show 2022 this year. The Japanese publisher recently renewed the Suikoden trademark and also dropped a hint at its return via a previous message, which features series voice actor Yuji Kaji making an appearance at the event.

Suikoden was a fan-favourite RPG that originally launched in 1996 for the original PlayStation. It spawned four sequels until 2006 with its last mainline entry, Suikoden V, releasing on PS2. The series has seen numerous spin-offs since then, but we haven’t seen a mainline release in over 15 years. While not on the level of Konami’s biggest IPs like Silent Hill or Castlevania, it remains a beloved classic by fans.

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Konami confirmed that a new game will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show this year from “a series which is loved all over the world”, however, reports seemingly suggested that it won’t be from any of the publisher’s major IPs including Silent Hill (which is already having its fair share of recent leaks).

In the same announcement, Konami stated “voice actor Yuji Kaji will be invited as a guest to represent the fans of a series which is loved all over the world, on the announcement stage for a new Konami title.” Kaji voiced Suikoden 2‘s protagonist Jowy, adding more fuel to the rumour fire.

Additionally, Konami recently renewed the trademark for Suikoden, as spotted by eagle-eyed Reddit users. This adds further validity to the rumours. It’s likely that Suikoden is set to make a comeback at Tokyo Game Show this year, though we still recommend taking it all with a pinch of salt. For all we know, it could very well be a smaller project, another spin-off or a mobile game.

In related news, a plethora of Silent Hill leaks recently made its way online. This includes the first concept images for Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2 and another playable demo concept called “Sakura”, which already leaked earlier this year. We know little about who the developer is behind this mysterious title, though plenty of names have been thrown around, from PlayStation being involved to Kojima Productions. Given the rate of the leaks, we’ll surely know more about this in the coming weeks.

Source: Reddit

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