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Konami Wants to Collaborate With Bloober Team on More Games

Bloober Team, the studio behind Blair Witch and The Medium, is currently hard at work on the Silent Hill 2 remake. The developer hasn’t ruled out working on more potential Silent Hill games and other projects with Konami, though, as Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno recently stated that “Konami is interested” in discussing potential future collaborations with the team.

Speaking to IGN in a recent interview, Babieno defended Konami by addressing the company’s past missteps in the gaming industry. He reassured fans that Konami knows what it’s doing now and plans to continue giving fans what they want. Last year, Konami announced several new Silent Hill games including Annapurna Interactive’s Silent Hill: Townfall, Ryukishi07 and NeoBards Entertainment’s Silent Hill F and Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2.

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Babieno stated in the interview that Konami’s people in charge of the gaming division “understand how gaming works”, saying:

“Those people who are in charge of Konami Gaming right now – of course, I can’t tell you all the details – but I believe that they do understand how gaming works. They came from companies which worked on many great projects, and I’m pretty sure that they are making great choices by choosing partners, by choosing projects… And I do understand that people are a little bit angry at Konami for the stuff which happened in the past, but I would like to say, give them the time, because they do know what they are doing.”

Bloober Team is not without a bit of controversy itself. The studio has been criticised in the past for mishandling mental health issues and depictions in its games. As such, some players are apprehensive about the studio’s work on Silent Hill 2 which largely revolves around protagonist James Sunderland’s own mental health. However, the studio assured fans that the remake will remain unchanged and faithful to the source material.

Silent Hill 2 is currently in development for PS5 and PC.

Source: IGN

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