Lady Gaga Shames Fortnite Streamer Ninja on Twitter With One Simple Question
Lady Gaga has once again broken the internet

After getting close a million likes on her tweet yesterday where she asked “What’s fortnight”, Lady Gaga has once again broken the internet and shamed the “world’s most popular” Fortnite streamer, Ninja with a simple question “. @Ninja who are you”.

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If Lady Gaga does not know who you are then well, who are you? The tweet went viral as both Lady Gaga and Ninja fans went at each other to try and prove who is the most popular person. Some hilarious tweets include an Avengers one;

Ninja took it upon himself to reply to Lady Gaga and dropped lyrics from her music but the message was ill-received. Ninja tweeted “Call me on the Telephone. I’ll give you a Million Reasons to play. You and I.” which sparked some hate from female gamers and Gaga fans.

This is mainly due to Ninja’s stance on gaming with females after he previously said he wouldn’t stream with female gamers out of respect for his wife and to avoid any sort of negative rumours.

One Twitter user was quick to point this out by linking to an article on BBC News where Ninja stated he simply won’t play with female gamers.

But the Twitter back and forth is quite entertaining. Ninja even told Lady Gaga to “ask Drake” in reference to their popular collaboration stream they hosted a few months ago which broke streaming records. This was no doubt to show Gaga just how popular the game is.

Will a Lady Gaga X Ninja Fortnite stream ever happen? We will just have to wait and see.

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