Last of Us Part 2 Pre-Alpha Footage Shows Shamblers With Massive Ass Cheeks

"Hips don't lie"

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Last of Us Part 2 Pre-Alpha Footage Shows Shamblers With Massive Ass Cheeks

If you have played The Last of Us Part 2 then you have probably come into contact with a Shambler already. These annoying infected walk around and explode all over the place while causing gas to fill the air and other nasty side effects to set in. In the final release of The Last of Us Part II, these Shamblers explode thanks to the sacs of pus and ooze on their backs. However, Naughty Dog originally designed the enemies to have huge ass cheeks that filled up and popped when you got close to them.

According to Naughty Dog’s Matthew Gallant, the Shamblers were quite a sight to behold during the game’s original pre-alpha testing. This is especially thanks to their red butt that filled up with gas and popped like a balloon when they got to the maximum capacity.


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So instead of the Shamblers running around and letting off gas from their backs and shoulders, these would chase you with massive ass cheeks and explode them when nearby. When these cheeks were at their maximum capacity, they sorta looked like some Hollywood star’s hips, to be honest.

Watch the video down below thanks to TechNClub. You can also view the animated gif of this over on Matthew’s portfolio.

Players would then shoot the butt cheeks to inflict more damage as it also acted as a weak point. I have to say that regardless of the gruesome approach these exploding butt cheeks had, it would have been quite a cool way to approach the enemy type in the game. I wonder what other cool design features The Last of Us Part II had?

If you haven’t played the game, you can read my full review here. The Last of Us Part II also just received a free PS5 upgrade. Catch up on that news here.

Source; YouTube

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