The Last of Us Part II Requires at Least 100GB of Storage Space

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The Last of Us Part II Requires at Least 100GB of Storage Space

It is hard to fit most games on your PS4 hard drive these days. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sits close to 200GB now. Similarly, other games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy VII Remake and more hit over 100GB too. The Last of Us Part II seems like it will also require a chunk of PS4 storage space. According to the official listing on the PlayStation Direct store, the game’s 100GB minimum requirement has been revealed.

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We know The Last of Us Part II will ship on 2 discs, which makes this 100GB storage space requirement quite obvious. A Blu-Ray disc can only fit around 50GB on it. Final Fantasy VII Remake also shipped on two discs in order to fit the massive amount of assets the game includes.

The Last of Us Part 2 may be a few weeks away, but if you are struggling with storage, you may want to look at purchasing an external HDD. Even if you are not purchasing the retail edition, the digital game will require the same space.

Sony has not announced when pre-load for The Last of Us Part II will go live. However, given the game’s massive download, it could be at least a week before launch. The game is set for a 19 June 2020 release date after suffering a major delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just before Sony issued a new date, a Naughty Dog developer leaked a massive amount of game content. Resulting in gamers spoiling many of the game’s cutscenes and story arcs. Another warning to stay clear of these places for now.

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