Latest CS: GO Update Brings Welcome Changes to Danger Zone
CS: GO Danger Zone
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Valve unleashed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Battle Royale mode, Danger Zone, earlier this month. With the mode, that seems a bit barebones yet fun to play, in my opinion. With the massive update, Valve also made CS: GO free-to-play and that didn’t sit well with a lot of long-time fans. Although Valve isn’t changing anything with regards to the free-to-play aspect and Prime Status, the developer did release a new CS: GO update that brings some fixes and welcome changes to Danger Zone.

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One of the issues the community has talked about with regards to Danger Zone is that the expected queue times seem to be off and that it takes quite a long while to find a match. With a comparatively small local community, we would expect something like this to happen, but it seems there was a technical issue as well.

In the latest CS: GO update, Valve has made a couple quality-of-life changes to Danger Zone. First up, the matchmaking times have been improved for Danger Zone and secondly, the time in warmup where you are waiting for more players have been reduced. That’s some great first changes and I hope Valve continues to improve things as the mode matures.

Check out all the changes to Danger Zone as well as some fixes to the game below:


  • Fixed scoreboard sometimes not populating correctly.

Danger Zone:

  • Reduced waiting for players time in warm-up.
  • Improved matchmaking times for Danger Zone.
  • Added a new sound cue when explosives on the safe detonate.
  • Lowered volume of selected rappel destination sound and rappel helicopter.
  • Fixed an incorrect parachute sound playing during warm-up.
  • Several fixes for client-side behavior of Frag Grenades and Fire Bombs.


  • Fixed see-through model near picnic area.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in tree in town.
  • Smoothed out underwater displacements to fix players getting stuck.
  • Fixed floating item spawn point near outlet.


  • Updated Alpha on UMP-45 Momentum.

What do you think about the changes and fixes to Danger Zone in the latest CS: GO update? Let us know in the comment section below.






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