Latest CS: GO Update Removes Classic Dust 2, Updates Workout and More
new CS: GO update CS: GO storage units valve
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It’s been nearly a month since the last CS: GO update where Valve released the classic, retro style Dust 2 as well as the Chicken Capsule. Now, in a new CS: GO update released in the early hours of the morning, Valve has removed the classic Dust 2 and made multiple changes to the Workout map, made some overall tweaks to Ruby and added support for displaying Berlin 2019 Minor play-off matches in the game.

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The latest CS: GO update isn’t all that big but it does mark the end of the CS: GO anniversary celebrations. On the CS: GO blog, Valve has detailed all the changes and additions. Workout is the map that got the most changes, from making certain areas (such as the kid zone) brighter, adding side cover to the basketball court from the CT side and much more.

Check out the full CS: GO update notes below.


  • Added support for displaying Berlin 2019 Minor play-off matches in-game.
  • Fixed the events lister showing two rows for events that were both favorited and featured.
  • Adjusted HE grenade collision hull to reduce rolling when dropped.


  • Retextured the pool area so its a lot brighter
  • Made movement in the pool area smoother
  • Pushed the hostage rescue zone further forward
  • Added CT sided cover to the basketball court
  • Made the entire kids zone area much brighter
  • Updated some textures and meshes throughout the map
  • Due to customer complaints, homebrew coffee have added some bins
  • Stopped players being able to slide up the horse at T side stadium entrance
  • Fixed mesh clipping issue at the ice cream stand


  • Overall layout tweaks.

Dust 2:

  • The anniversary celebration has ended.

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What do you think about the changes in the latest CS: GO update and specifically, the improvements to Workout? Let us know in the comment section below.






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