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Latest Dying Light 2 Update Still Doesn’t Fix Game’s Horrible Multiplayer Issues

Dying Light 2 is basically unplayable in multiplayer at this point. The game, which launched back on 4 February, has suffered from some major bugs and glitches. However, its multiplayer component, where you can play co-op with up to three friends, is still bugged and if you manage to get it working, it doesn’t last long.

Last night Techland released the Dying Light 2 update 1.06 which brought some fixes to the game but sadly, the developer has yet to improve the multiplayer experience.

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The update aims to fix the death-loop bug, added a new save backup system that allows players to roll back the game in case they hit a progression bug (these happen constantly) and improved the stability on PS4 and PS5.

Techland says that while the latest update didn’t do anything to improve the multiplayer, they are hard at work and fixing coop is one of their highest priority goals.

The Dying Light 2 multiplayer experience goes either one or two ways. You either cannot invite friends to your game at all. This is due to the online menu bugging out and not showing any online games and the “add friend” option is replaced by “empty slot”.

Or, sometimes this menu works and you can invite and join games. However, the experience is short-lived. Players are often kicked a few minutes into the game session. Players also cannot teleport at all to the objective or their friends. This results in the game crashing.

I am still trying very hard to review Dying Light 2. Of which, I have made good progress but it is a chore. My game often crashes and I have been hindered by dozens of progression bugs where my quests would simply not progress to the next step.

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