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Latest Fortnite Update Allows You to Pet Animals

Epic has been on the ball with their constant Fortnite updates and that’s what makes the game stay fresh. The latest update (v8.40) introduces some cool things to the game, including two Limited Time Modes, but that might not be the best thing about the update. Yes, the latest Fortnite update allows players to pet animals, including dogs, cats and other cuddly creatures.

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This sweet little line in the Fortnite update notes says it all: “You can now pet the dog… and other Pets!”. However, some don’t like the new feature too much, as it kind of looks like you just swipe at the animal when trying to pet it. It is almost as if the character is using a melee attack on the animal instead of actually petting it. Hopefully, this will change in a future update, but for now, at least Fortnite players can show these cute virtual animals some love.

So what else in the update? Well, we get two Limited Time Modes as well as a new Infantry Rifle, as well as a bunch of other fixes and improvements. Check out the LTM descriptions and details below.

Limited Time Mode: Air Royale

Climb aboard a plane and take to the skies in this fast-paced mode where players fight to be the last one flying!

Mode Details:

  • Air Royale is lifting off as a Duos-only mode.
  • Each plane has 3 lives, players will respawn until they lose their plane’s last life.
  • Touching the ground will instantly eliminate players.
  • Parking a plane on the ground for more than a few seconds will cause it to explode – stay airborne!
  • Hijacking another team’s plane will add that plane to your existing number of plane lives (and cost the team who lost the plane a life).
  • The storm has a ceiling that gradually lowers during the match. Be careful not to fly too high late in the match!
  • Loot chests of five different rarities will fall from the sky, allowing players to upgrade the guns they are carrying as well as boosting their plane’s weapons for a short time.
    • To receive the contents of a Chest, simply fly through it.
  • If players receive loot from a Chest containing a weapon they already have that’s of the same or worse quality, they’ll receive additional ammo.
    • Chests with higher quality guns will automatically replace the lower quality weapon that’s being carried.
  • Floating repair kits can also be found, these heal damaged planes and grant health & shields to players.

Limited Time Mode: Food Fight – Deep Fried

Two teams on either side of the map. A huge barrier down the middle. Lava steadily rising up from below. Build a fort to protect your restaurant mascot. When the Barrier lowers, destroy the enemy’s mascot and then eliminate the remaining enemies to win the match!

Mode Details:

  • An impassable barrier will be spawned along the center of the map for the first several minutes. Lava starts rising from beneath the map a few minutes into the match.
  • Each team will have an under-construction restaurant near the center of the map. Inside is a giant mascot head representing that team.
  • If the mascot head is destroyed, that team loses the ability to respawn when eliminated.
  • Players should use the time that the barrier is up to construct a defensive fortress around their restaurant.
  • As soon as the barrier lowers, fight to take out their mascot before they destroy yours!
  • Special red supply drops spawn at match start. These hold a handful of weapons, ammo, consumables, traps and a few hundred metal building materials.
  • Players will respawn when eliminated, keeping their inventory & dropping some ammo and resources.
  • 100 percent extra resources are gained from farming.
  • Building resources found on the ground increased from 30 to 50 per instance.
  • No explosive weapons or items are in this mode.
  • A small amount of free building materials are granted to each player every second.
  • The restaurants are now much higher, requiring players to build up to them.
  • May the best food win!

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What do you think about the latest Fortnite update and do you think the ability to pet animals need some work? Let us know in the comment section below.

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