Gotham Knights Batman Family Trailer

Latest Gotham Knights Trailer Explores the Batman Family

A new trailer for Gotham Knights goes behind the scenes and explores the Batman family consisting of the game’s four primary protagonists: Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin. Developer Warner Bros Montreal reveals how each character was designed and how Alfred Pennyworth will play a more fleshed out role in the full game.

The latest trailer for Gotham Knights offers a glimpse at the Batman family dynamic and how each character will have a unique relationships with Alfred. Since Bruce Wayne/Batman is out of the picture and seemingly dead according to the game’s story, Alfred will fill in the father figure role and act as support and guidance for each character via the team’s headquarters.

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Warner Bros Montreal confirmed that there will be dozens of cinematics between Alfred and the characters, which allows fans to get to know them on a deeper level. Furthermore, it may provide some significant insight into how every character reacts to the absence of Batman and how they feel about the narrative events.

Gotham Knights received plenty of new footage recently, including the opening sections of gameplay featuring Batgirl and a boss fight against Harley Quinn with Nightwing, displaying his more agile style of combat. Individually, each member of the family will have a unique gameplay style. Batgirl is an all-rounder, Robin focuses on acrobatic combat and stealth, Red Hood is tankier and Nightwing is agile and fast in battle.

Warner Bros Games also made the decision to move up Gotham Knights‘ release date from 25 October to 21 October. Unfortunately, unlike Hogwarts Legacy, it will not be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One and will instead be exclusive to current generation hardware as well as PC.

 Gotham Knights releases on 21 October 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the latest trailer below.

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Source: Warner Bros Games

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