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Latest PS5 System Update Boosts Game Performance

Sony released the PS5 system update 2.0 last week and it came with some much-needed features. This included expandable SSD support, 3D Audio for TV speakers and much more. However, hidden under the layers of new changes and features came an addition that Sony didn’t mention. The new PS5 system update actually improves performance and gameplay on the console. While it is not game-changing performance jumps, it is better than nothing.

Digital Foundry recently took the PS5 through a series of benchmark tools while using a console with the new system software and another with the older operating system on it. The publication tested two games including Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition and Control Ultimate Edition. According to the tests, both games resulted in a more stable frame rate while also delivering 1-2 frames per second higher compared to the older system update.

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Digital Foundry says that each game they tested was running 1-3% faster on the new PS5 system software. In addition, the games benefited the most while running in performance modes with uncapped frame rates. These uncapped frames reached higher peaks and were a lot more stable on the new system update.

Sony hasn’t confirmed whether or not this performance boost was intentional from the start. The results show a clear boost in performance across two consoles with different system software installed on them. Perhaps the PS5 still has some locked potential that Sony will enable as the months go by?

This is nothing new in gaming. Microsoft did the same thing with the original Xbox One back in 2013. They locked 10% of the console’s power into Kinect performance. The company then enabled this after the hardware failed at launch. Sony’s PS4 also came with an extra 1GB of RAM that was disabled at launch. The company then released a system update that turned it on and allowed developers to make use of the extra memory.

You probably won’t see this new PS5 performance update with the naked eye. Just know that according to the tests, it is there. You can watch the (very long) breakdown of the tests down below.

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