League of Legends Celebrations Kick Off Soon as The Game Turns 10

League of Legends celebrations riot games
League of Legends Celebrations Kick Off Soon as The Game Turns 10

Can you believe that League of Legends from developer Riot Games is turning 10 years old this week? The game is turning 10 years old on 27 October 2019 and Riot Games have announced League of Legends celebrations to mark this occasion for the ever-popular MOBA, including a special episode of Riot Pls.

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There will be a tonne of things happening, including Riot offices around the world planning meet-and-greets with fans. For South Africans, however, there isn’t a Riot Games office in the country, but you can still join in the League of Legends celebrations in other ways, including “in-game celebrations” as well as streams to watch.

Riot Games announced that:

The 10-Year Anniversary of the game is nearly upon us, and we’re planning a celebration for all of you who’ve built this game together with us. Be sure to mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 15th for the kickoff of the League of Legends 10-Year Celebration. Rioters around the world will be spending the whole day celebrating with streamed activities and digital experiences. Many of our regional offices are also planning in-person events and activities. Check your local League of Legends channels on 10/15 to discover what’s happening in your region. We look forward to making this a special day with you!

For those who plan on catching the stream, it kicks off on 15 October 2019 at 19:00 South African time and you can view it on Riot’s YouTube or Twitch channel. At 23:30 South African time on 15 October, Riot will also host some League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics show matches live on their channels which fans shouldn’t miss out on. Lastly, Riot Games is also planning a special episode of Riot Pls for the League of Legends celebrations and players will get their first look at the pre-season update.

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Are you excited for the celebrations to start and how long have you been playing the game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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