League of Legends Fighting Game Project L Gameplay

League of Legends Fighting Game ‘Project L’ Gets New Gameplay

Project L, the upcoming free-to-play fighting game based on League of Legends from Riot Games, has received a new developer diary showing off gameplay basics and the tag system. Riot Games previously promised that we’d see Project L before the end of the year and it looks like they’ve finally made good on that promise, though not in the way fans might’ve been hoping. Nonetheless, it’s good to get a new update and some fresh gameplay.

The dev diary video is led by executive producer Tom Cannon and game director Shaun Rivera, who both take the time to explain Project L‘s new champion, Illaoi, and how they managed to turn League of Legends and its familiar characters into an assist-based fighter.

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League of Legends has always been a highly popular IP in the world of video games but thanks to the critically acclaimed Netflix series Arcane, it managed to reach a much wider audience. It’s safe to say that there’s probably a lot more eyes on Project L now than ever before, especially considering that it will be a free-to-play fighter. The success of this year’s MultiVersus from Warner Bros. Games proved that there’s potential in that corner of the market.

League of Legends‘ vibrant roster of characters and their various unique abilities lends itself well to a fighting game. The latest dev diary video explains how things changed over the years as Riot Games adjusted the fighter from a 1v1 game to a tag team assist-based fighter. Rivera states:

“We were originally developing Project L to be a one-v-one game where two champions enter, and one emerges victorious. But around two years ago, we made the pivot to a tag team assist-based fighter. Our tag systems are deep and flexible, aimed at helping you unlock your creativity. They work in tandem with our champions, allowing two champion teams to take down opponents together.”

Project L is still in development for PC. It’s been three years since Riot Games first announced the title. Check out the gameplay dev diary below.

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