PlayStation Project Q

Leaked PlayStation Project Q Video Show Device Runs Android

Sony’s upcoming portable PlayStation Remote Play device, currently known just as Project Q, runs Android. A leaked video popped up online showing off a manufacturing unit and how it operates. Funny enough, the device is an Android-powered tablet attached to a DualSense Controller.

The video shows off some Android settings on the Project Q unit. It is seemingly running a skinned version of the operating system and you can navigate around the device using the buttons on the controller. The menu system isn’t in English and the video quality is quite bad (as leaks go) but you can see a few apps such as Wi-Fi link and the PlayStation Remote Play App.

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The 8-inch 1080p display is also a touchscreen by the look of things and you can get around by tapping on the various Android buttons too. The video then goes on to show off the backside of the unit which literally looks like a DualSense Controller stretched out.

There isn’t much else to look at. On the top, there seem to be some vents and speaker holes and some buttons. These buttons will likely control the volume and other features. The DualSense Controller is familiar too. It is two sides of the device cut in half. Sony has added a blue LED light on the inner side of each half to add some personality to the unit.

There’s also an image of the teardown. There’s also nothing much to see here. The battery is missing so there’s no sign of what capacity the battery is. But we do see the Wi-Fi antenna on the back which is fairly long. This device relies solely on Wi-Fi so it is important that Sony gets that communication done properly.

Sony’s Project Q is expected to launch by the end of 2023.

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