Leaked PS5 Dev Kit Rendered in 3D and Does Not Look Too Bad

Leaked PS5 Dev Kit Rendered in 3D and Does Not Look Too Bad

Last week we reported on a leaked PS5 dev kit patent that was uploaded by LetsGoDigital. The leaked patent was apparently a mockup for a PS5 development kit created by Yusuhiro Ootori but has yet to be confirmed real.

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LetsGoDigital created 3D renders of the dev kit and while most of it is a little over-the-top (like the SSD sign), the overall look of the device does not look as bad as we thought when we initially saw the images last week.

The 3D renderings show some cool vents with a glowing effect, some touch buttons and a load of USB ports. The device also seems to have been designed to stand up vertically.

Honestly speaking, the dev kit kind of reminds me of the original phat PS3 design which was very “alien-like” with its curves and reflective top. The only turnoff has to be the excessive use of vents which would be a dust magnet.

Again, this design is a dev kit and does not represent the final console’s design at all. As we mentioned last week, the dev kits are big ugly boxes that never truly reveal what the final consumer design will be for these consoles. The PS5 dev kit will most likely be very different from the retail version of the console.

Of course, these 3D renders are just for reference and until things are confirmed, don’t go raging at Sony just yet.

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