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Leaked Tomb Raider Script Gets DMCA’d By Square Enix

Earlier this week we reported on a new rumour which shed new light on the future of the Tomb Raider series. The news covered a new Lara Croft character who is reportedly set to lead the next video game reboot sometime in the future. According to the leaked script, Lara Croft is now a 30-something adventurer who leads a band of other Tomb Raiders as they try and put a stop to a new “cataclysmic” event shaking the world. While at first, the script might have been questionable, Square Enix has issued the DMCA notice to the podcast that originally reported on the leak giving this rumour a lot of ground to stand on.

A head lawyer at the Tomb Raider studio, Crystal Dynamics immediately sent a DMCA takedown notice to Colin Moriarty’s Sacred Symbols where the news of the new game originally came from. In the podcast, Colin Moriarty detailed the script he got his hands on from a casting agency. According to the script, the agency is looking for a mid-30s female actress to lead the new Lara Croft in this new Tomb Raider game.

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The script details the requirements and some of the traits this actress should have. She must be white, five-foot-six, athletic and prototype Emily Blunt and Rosamund Pike. The script reads:

Lara Croft is now at the top of her game. Gone are the days of the young inexperienced woman dealing with matters of legacy and familial reckoning, Lara has let go of her childhood and fully embraced a life of adventure and purpose. Her legendary career has been lauded in print and tabloids, tall tales of adventure that have inspired a new generation of Tomb Raiders to seek their fortunes in the world. And with this new phase of her life, Lara fully accepted her place among the ruins.

For many years, Lara plumbed the depths of forgotten places, played cat in mouse with many nefarious opponents, and worked to uncover, preserve and protect the lost secrets of the world lest they fall into the wrong hands. But as the years have passed, Lara has become lonely at the top. The beginning of this next chapter presents Lara with the quintessentially adult problem facing something too big to handle alone on this new adventure. Lara will encounter a challenge she can only overcome with a team at her side. Collaboration is foreign to her. She’s always succeeded alone. So, in this situation, she’s a fish out of water.

Of course, this leak pushed Square Enix over the edge. The company sent Patreon a DMCA notice to remove the podcast and all details of this new Tomb Raider game. According to Colin, this actually happened on the day the news broke but he didn’t reveal this until consulting with his lawyers and Patreon’s legal team. He confirmed that he removed one specific segment of the podcast where the Tomb Raider news was featured. He responded by saying that Square Enix issued the takedown without anything to remove. There are no images, logos, artwork or “owned” property in the podcast. The company demanded Colin remove the audio where he discusses the game details.

Colin claims that he doesn’t have the means to fight the DMCA. However, he has since edited out the portion where he discusses the leak. This has only been done on his Patreon page due to agreements with the company. The Sacred Symbols podcast is still available on YouTube in an unedited state and Colin says it will remain there until Square Enix takes action.

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