Watch us Unbox and Build The Awesome LEGO Betrayal at Cloud City Star Wars Set
LEGO betrayal at cloud city
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Have you ever spent ten hours building a LEGO set? Well, we had the luxury of doing just that as The LEGO Certified Store in Sandton City tasked us with building and creating the awesome LEGO Betrayal at Cloud City set. This fantastic Star Wars model showcases some of the best moments and the most climactic scenes in the Star Wars series. For those who don’t know, Cloud City is where Han Solo’s friend, Lando, makes a nasty deal with the series villain, Darth Vader. But much more goes on in Cloud City, of which you can discover by watching our unboxing and building below.

The set includes iconic replicas of the following scenes, brought to life in LEGO glory;

  • Section 1: A landing platform, a slave ship run by bounty-hunter Boba Fett, and a spot to store unlucky people who get frozen in carbonite blocks.
  • Section 2: A dining area with room for five mini-figures, a garbage-processing room with an incinerator, and a promenade.
  • Section 3: A sensor balcony that includes a swing-out function, a chamber to freeze people into carbonate blocks, and an area where heroes and villains can duel with the weapon of choice in the “Star Wars” universe — lightsabers.
  • Section 4: An interrogation chamber, a prison cell, a hanger with a secret trapdoor, and room for a couple of vehicles.

Watch us build this iconic LEGO set below and don’t worry, it has been sped up. A huge thanks to the LEGO Certified Store for sponsoring this set. Make sure you find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This set is available at the LEGO Store or online for R6,099

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