LEGO Horizon Adventures

LEGO Horizon Adventures Announced For PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch

The Horizon series is getting the LEGO treatment in LEGO Horizon Adventures. The game is headed to PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch later this year.

By the look of the gameplay trailer, LLEGO Horizon Adventuress is a co-op, live-service LEGO game where players will take on various Horizon-themed missions across an open world to take down large machines.

The trailer shows off Aloy and some other LEGO characters. There are also some recognizable areas in the video such as the Cauldrons and snowy mountains we explored in both Zero Down and Forbidden West.

In a distant future, the land is made of LEGO bricks and incredible dinosaur-like machines roam the Earth. Aloy, the game’s leading hero, is found in a cave as a baby and raised by a grizzled huntsman called Rost, who teaches her the way of the wilds. One day, Aloy embarks on a quest to discover her true destiny. Guided by a thousand-year-old hologram of a scientist called Elisabet, Aloy must confront Helis, the leader of a group of sun worshipers who bow to an Ancient Evil shrouded in mystery. There’s much more in store for Aloy and her friends, as their adventure sends them across the tallest mountains and deepest cauldrons — all beautifully recreated in LEGO elements. 

LEGO Horizon Adventures is a friendly, family-orientated game with a cartoony spin. It is expected to launch later this year.

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