Lenovo Legion Go Handheld Gaming PC Device

Lenovo is Reportedly Working on a Handheld Gaming PC Too

Ever since the release of Valve’s Steam Deck, there’s been a race among tech companies to produce handheld gaming PCs for the market. ASUS ROG already struck with the ROG Ally and now, it looks like Lenovo is looking to enter the handheld market too. According to a new report, Lenovo is developing its own handheld gaming PC called the ‘Legion Go’ and it will support Windows 11 for maximum PC gaming compatibility.

As reported by Windows Central’s Jez Corden, Lenovo’s Legion Go handheld device will sport AMD Phoenix processors, similar to the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, along with a larger 8-inch display compared to the 7-inch displays of its competitors. The design of the handheld could apparently look similar to the previously leaked Lenovo Legion Play Android device, which never made it to general availability.

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The report goes into further detail about some of the specs of the Legion Go:

“We understand this will sport AMD’s new Phoenix processors, which the chip firm describes as ultra-thin, focused on gaming, AI, and graphics for ultrabooks. The fact the Legion Go will sport Ryzen chips pretty much guarantees that this is a Windows PC gaming handheld, as part of Lenovo’s popular gaming ‘Legion’ brand.”

The added advantage of having a larger 8-inch display on the Legion Go means players won’t need to struggle to see smaller UI elements and fonts, especially if a game doesn’t have an option for UI scaling.

The AMD Phoenix 7040 series chips are described as “ultra-thin” and powerful but elegant ultrabook-style devices which would benefit the Legion Go by supporting 15W low-power states for lightweight games and maximized battery life. Windows Central’s report stops there, though this should be enough information to at least give us a clear picture of Lenovo’s goals for the Legion Go.

Unfortunately we don’t have details surrounding its announcement plans so we’ll just have to wait for the company to make an official statement on the device.

Source: Windows Central

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