Lenovo Legion Create Now Live – How it Works

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Lenovo Legion Create
Lenovo Legion Create Now Live – How it Works

The Lenovo Legion Create initiative is now live, which means it’s time for you to sign up and register! Lenovo, the global tech conglomerate, has announced their Legion Create initiative alongside RODE Microphones, which is under their gaming division, Legion. The aim of the initiative is to highlight micro-influencers, small-scale streamers, and content creators.

By shining the limelight on “micro-influencers”, Lenovo aims to grow the South African market, fostering more and more opportunities for smaller streamers and content creators, giving them a bigger platform to thrive.

Lenovo Legion Create aims to bring smaller streamers and content creators to a broader audience, not only growing their following and influence but giving content creators the tools to continue growing their brands outside of the Legion Create platform.

“It is with great excitement that Lenovo has launched Legion Create to show that it is not only in support of the community, but also the creators in the community. Content creation can be very unforgiving and a hard road, and this is our way of saying we appreciate everything you have done and are doing to grow both gaming and content in South Africa.”

Legion Create registrations are now open and are open to anyone who meets the criteria, and you can enter your submission here. Along with the fact that you get to work with a leading global brand to help grow your streaming career, there is also a prize pool of close to R100 000 up for grabs!

Lenovo Legion Create – How to Register

  • Visit the registration URL here.
  • Enter your details and remember to use referral code “LEGIONCREATE
  • Confirm your registration via email that was sent to the email address you registered with
  • Done – Now wait for the next step and challenge to be revealed!

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