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Lenovo Legion Create Top 12 Creators Announced

The Lenovo Legion Create competition wrapped up its second week and announced the top 12 creators that will progress into week 3 for the chance to win a new streaming set up of up to R80 000!

The top 12 creators for the Lenovo Legion Create competition were announced in the recent livestream, which wrapped up week 2’s events. The competition was originally set to host 10 creators but to a technical error, 12 creators were pushed through. You can view the top 12 creators in their respective teams below.

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The top 25 contenders from week 2 were whittled down after needing to complete week 2’s challenge submission, and receive enough votes to be pushed through to week 3. Originally, there were meant to be only 10 contenders who progressed through to Stage 3, however, a compiling error on the competition runners side caused an issue, allowing for two extra challengers to progress. 

Bumflufski and Fiefie each have three contenders representing their mentors, with RustyPieLover boasting two contenders, and Mama Succ comes in with a whopping four contenders under their belt. 

The rules for Stage 3 were also revealed during the announcement live stream, and will see the 12 challengers have to incorporate a number of challenges into a live stream to their audience. The contestants will need to dress in a particular theme, incorporate a “handicap” into their gaming (inverted monitor, controller, etc.), and they will need to impersonate their coach/mentor. In the end, the community will vote for their favourite, however, this will only count 60% towards the total score, with the other 40% coming from all the judges. You can see the full list of rules here

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The submissions for Stage 3 for the top 12 contenders are open, and will close later today. Voting will then open up for you to vote for your favourite creators, on the Legion Gaming Community


Source: Legion Gaming Community 

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