First LEGO Super Mario now a Levis range of clothing. The character seems to be seriously stepping out of the ordinary and into some crazy new collaborations. Nintendo and Levis have announced a Mario-themed range of clothing and we need to own it all. The two companies joined forces to create a new line for both men and women based on the iconic gaming characters.

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The fashion line, dubbed “Levi’s X Super Mario” includes some really cool Mario-themed hoodies, jumpers, shirts, bags, shoes, shorts and even a pair of jeans. The male and female range seems quite diverse but you could even rock that pair of jeans no matter what sex you are, to be honest.

As Levis things go, expect to cough up quite a lot of Mario coins for these items of clothing. The most expensive being the iconic jeans which cost £110. In rands, they will set you back well over R2,500. If you are looking for something cheaper then a shirt is just £25.

Levis Super Mario Range South Africa

Of course, you will have to import this as the Levi’s X Super Mario range is not available in SA with no local availability confirmed yet. We have reached out to the local distributor to find out of they have plans to release Levis Super Mario range in South Africa. In the time being, you can head over to the official site and take a look at the Super Mario clothing items for sale. Don’t get carried away though. We are in lockdown and every penny needs to be saved.

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