LG Cancels The $100,000 Rollable Signature OLED TV

LG Cancels The $100,000 Rollable Signature OLED TV

LG has canned its $100,000 rollable OLED TV. The company began the development of this overpriced display back in 2018 where it showcased the TV coming out of a box and unrolling into a full display. However, it seems no one wanted to spend $100,000 on a 65-inch OLED TV just because it can vanish before their very eyes.

According to Chosun, the company has now ceased all development and production on rollable OLED tech and has repurposed the production line for new TVs instead.

This whole procedure likely cost LG quite a penny. The display pre-dates 2018 where LG originally showed off the display as a hand-held foldable. It was then announced at CES 2018 as a TV, further tuned in 2019 as a consumer-ready display and released for sale as a “Signature” TV in 2021.

While LG hasn’t revealed how well this TV did in terms of sales, it was an expensive piece of tech. For $100,000, it is a lot to ask for a 65-inch TV.

LG isn’t done with its crazy displays, however. The company unveiled transparent OLED tech at CES 2024 which it plans to turn into Signature TVs somewhere down the line. But given the “Signature” label, you’ll have to fork out some serious money to own it. Again, it all boils down to practicality and for the rich, nothing matters.

The transparent TV is called the LG OLED T and comes in a 77-inch model. Beyond boasting see-through pixels, it also eliminates all wires except for the power wire. It receives all its transmission through wireless technology. It also comes with various viewing modes called Transparent Mode and Black Screen Mode essentially turning the TV from a full-black display to a window-pane-like viewing experience.

Source: Chosun

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