LG InstaView Fridge

LG Launches Incredible InstaView Fridge and Styler in South Africa

If you’re in the market for a new fridge then LG has one new fancy model available. Dubbed the “LG InstaView” this refrigerator isn’t exactly “new” rather it marks LG’s third revision of the popular “window in the fridge” range. LG has refined a lot of features on the InstaView and slimmed down some of the design elements too. The fridge is now sharper on the edges as it boasts a new flat design. However, the biggest change comes from the InstaView panel itself. It is now larger and when the light isn’t on, it takes up an entire portion of the fridge’s front panel thanks to its edge-to-edge design.

The InstaView panel is made for those who want to firstly, access the door-in-door compartment and secondly get a quick glance at what you have in the fridge. A simple two knocks on the glass panel and the fridge automatically turns on the light inside giving you a window into your fridge.

LG InstaView Fridge

LG says that this knocking feature helps reduce the number of times you’ll open your fridge per day. Instead of opening the entire door while letting out all the cold air just to stand there trying to decide what you wanted from the fridge in the first place, the knock does the same thing without letting out the cold air. Yay for power saving….

The LG InstaView also comes with some rather impressive tech. LG has added a UV Nano light to the water dispenser that cleans the nozzle and surrounding area of bacteria. There’s also a UV Nano light in the fan system which also kills bacteria while sucking out all the nasty odours in the fridge at the same time.

The 617L fridge is also very spacious and comes with lots of room for sorting your produce. The InstaView also comes with LG’s LinearCooling tech that reduces temperature fluctuations. This helps reduce the harsh temperature changes in the fridge which often result in fruit and veggies going bad.

LG InstaView Fridge

The LG InstaView is also quite smart and fully integrates into your home and smart appliances thanks to the ThinQ app. Here, you can check the temperature of the fridge, monitor any recent changes and even get notified when you leave the fridge open by mistake.

The LG InstaView is now available in South Africa. It retails from R54,999. Find out more about the appliance on the official site here

LG also launched its new Styler appliance. This nifty box is a complete steamer, drier and much more. Think of it like your own personal laundromat. It can dry clean items and delivers assistance for hard-to-wash fabrics.

The LG Styler is definitely a one-of-a-kind device. If you’re looking to refresh your outfits, it does that. If you’re looking to sterilize your kid’s toys, it does that. It can even press your trousers and mimic an iron by simply hanging the pair on the door.

LG Styler

Using the ThinQ app, users can also monitor how long an item still has before it is done, schedule dries and download new presets made specifically for your expensive outfits and fabrics.

The LG Styler is now available in South Africa starting at R34,999. Find out more on the official page here

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