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Lies of P Gets Extended Gameplay Footage at Gamescom

Lies of P, the Bloodborne-inspired spin on Pinocchio from developers Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studio, has received some extended gameplay footage from Gamescom. We get a glimpse at the opening sections of the game as Pinocchio navigates the maze-like streets of the city and combats various deadly puppet enemies.

Lies of P received a new trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live, the kick-off event hosted by Geoff Keighley, with confirmation that it will release in 2023 as well as day one on Xbox Game Pass. The game doesn’t have a concrete release date yet, but the new gameplay footage – which was made available to attendees on the event’s show floor – suggests that it’s already looking quite polished and in a good state.

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As many fans quickly pointed out, it certainly feels and plays like From Software’s iconic dark fantasy action-RPG, Bloodborne. Players will also spot familiar mechanics from the Dark Souls series such as status ailments, bonfire-esque checkpoints, a perfect guard system that breaks enemy weapons and stamina management.

Neowiz Games isn’t shy about wearing its inspirations on its sleeve, though it’s very welcomed seeing as a sequel to Bloodborne is highly unlikely to happen. Lies of P places a lot of emphasis on its tough gameplay which is another staple of the Souls series. Enemies hit hard and can kill you in seconds should you be careless or misjudge your attack timing.

In the beginning, players will be able to select a Combat Memory which defines your style of gameplay. You’ll be pouring points into upgrading abilities and perks such as Vitality, Vigor, Technique and more, all of which fit the theme of the game. Additionally, players can also upgrade their left arm which, like Devil May Cry 5 and Sekiro, seems to contain a variety of useful tools like a grappling hook for pulling distant enemies closer to you.

Lies of P releases in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the gameplay footage below courtesy of Xbox On.

Source: Xbox On

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