Life is Strange: True Colors and Remastered Collection Coming This Year
"Play the entire series again in 2021"
Life is Strange: True Colors Remastered Collection
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The next instalment in the Life is Strange series dubbed “True Colors” is releasing on 10 September 2021. Square Enix showcased the upcoming narrative-driven game during its special “Presents” stream last night alongside the Outriders 101 trailer and Wakanda DLC for Marvel’s Avengers. In addition to the new game, the publisher also revealed a Life is Strange Remastered Collection which acts as a compilation of both the original and Before the Storm. 

Unlike previous titles, the upcoming Life is Strange: True Colors will release as a full package when it debuts on 10 September 2021. This means players will be able to play through the full game on launch or take on one chapter at a time as they wish.


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Life is Strange: True Colors is being developed by Deck Nine, the studio that brought you Before the Storm. Players control Alex Chen, an Asian American woman who has the supernatural ability to “experience, absorb, and manipulate” the strong emotions other people experience.

The story revolves around Alex as she moves to a new town but suddenly her brother passes away. She uses her powers to try and uncover the mystery surrounding his death.

Square Enix is bundling both the Life is Strange Remastered Collection together with True Colors in a special Ultimate Edition package. Users who purchase this pack will be able to play the original game and its prequel before True Colors releases in September. However, at this time, the remastered collection has no release date. The publisher says it will release sometime this fall (spring in SA). Check out the trailers below. Both games are set to release on PS4, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange Remastered Collection






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