Little Nightmares II is Even Better With Woody and Buzz Lightyear
"It kinda makes sense, right?"
Little Nightmares II Woody Buzz Lightyear Mod
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Someone has modded the life out of Little Nightmares II and we cannot get enough of it. If you don’t know, the Little Nightmares series is a horror game set in a twisted world where humans are transformed into freakishly deadly creatures due to a reason I won’t spoil here. I absolutely love the series and just reviewed the second game here. Thankfully, if the original concept is too dark for you, you can now mod it with loads of cartoon characters including Woody and Buzz Lightyear.


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A recent video on YouTube by ToastedShoes went through some of the mods users can expect to find online. The most recognizable is the Woody and Buzz Lightyear mod that replaces the two main characters, Mono and Six, with the classic toys from Andy’s room. The user claims the game is “ruined by mods” but it is actually the complete opposite.

Not only does the duo look great together but the concept of Little Nightmares II following the story of colourful lost toys trying to escape a dark and twisted world makes a lot of sense. It is almost as if they have dived into the mind of the demented neighbour, Sid himself.

Along with the two characters, the Little Nightmares II mods also include other cool little details. For example, at the start of the game Buzz tosses Angry Birds at the traps on the ground. These replace the usual acorns. It also makes a lot of sense because you also toss Angry Birds in other games.

Little Nightmares II Woody Buzz Lightyear Mod

For those who don’t know, the first chapter in the game also revolves around a deadly hunter that tries to kill you. The mod in the video replaces this sack-worn person with another famous cartoon hunter named Elmer Fudd.

There are other cool pop-culture characters in the game too including Treasure Tracker Toad who replaces the Nomes. You can give the video a watch below and if you are keen to install these mods the uploader has shared links in the description. Little Nightmares II is now available on PS4, Xbox and PC. Of course, the mods are only on PC.






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