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Little Nightmares Studio Teases Mysterious New Game

Little Nightmares developer Tarsier Studios has teased its next project after posting a mysterious image on its social media. The studio is best known for creating the Little Nightmares franchise but it sounds like won’t be a third entry but rather a new IP altogether. No other information is known about this mystery game but we can look forward to more information arriving over the next few months.

Tarsier Studios posted some moody artwork on its social media accounts showing off what appears to be the developer’s next game. The image is accompanied by a caption that reads: “New world. Emphasis on new.” It seems like the studio is telling fans that this isn’t Little Nightmares 3 or anything related to that franchise but a new game entirely.

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We first knew that Tarsier Studios was working on a new game since the launch of Little Nightmares II back in 2021, though it has remain tight-lipped about this project until now. This is the first image we’ve seen of its new game, though it’s difficult to make out exactly what we’re seeing. A small, faint light at the bottom of the image is overshadowed by a large structure of some kind in the background but everything is masked in shadows.

Have a look at the image for yourself below:

Tarsier Studios Little Nightmares Mysterious New Game Image

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about Tarsier Studios’ next project. The Little Nightmares games are fantastic, twisted indie horror odysseys with superb art direction and endearing characters. Its sequel reiterated on everything that made the first game so good, expanding the content with new faces, settings and terrifying threats to overcome.

Judging by the atmosphere and tone of the teaser image, it looks like the developer might be sticking to the horror genre. We can’t to see what lies beyond the shadow and fog.

Source: Tarsier Studios

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