Microsoft Launches Two Local Datacentres To Grow African Cloud Adoption
Local Datacentres
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Microsoft has announced that it has launched two Azure datacentres in South Africa. The local datacentres are located in Johannesburg and Cape Town and are meant to help power the fourth industrial revolution in South Africa and empower cloud adoption throughout the entire African continent.

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The two new enterprise-grade local datacentres were announced back in 2017. The project was planned to be launched in 2018, but Microsoft failed to meet the initial deadline.

Now, the datacentres have been officially launched in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This launch makes Microsoft the first global provider to deliver cloud services from local datacentres in Africa. The two local datacentres join 54 other regions across the world that also have Microsoft Azure datacentres to provide cloud services.

Local Datacentres

Other services that will be provided in the future by these two new local datacentres include Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity solution, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

Microsoft noted that African businesses are starting to realize the benefits of operating in the cloud, and saw it as the ripe opportunity to provide local datacentres to support businesses in taking advantage of cloud-based services.

With locally delivered cloud services from datacentres in South Africa, companies now have the option to move to the cloud while maintaining security and meeting compliance needs in addition to benefiting from improved performance, afforded by the closer geographic location of the new datacentres.

The new datacentres provided by Microsoft join other initiatives the company has been bringing to Africa to enable digital transformation across the entire continent.

Local Datacentres

Some of the other Microsoft digital initiatives in Africa include the 4Afrika Initiative which was launched in 2013, and helps provide affordable access to the internet and teaches modern skills relating to technology. The company also offers FarmBeats to African countries like Kenya, which enables data-driven farming, coupling data with farmer’s knowledge, to increase farm productivity and help reduce costs.






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