Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Review – Not your typical headset


One major issue I have with gaming headsets is just how ugly they are. Most of them are black and red (looking at you MSI), and many of them have these blinking RGB lights that would seriously wake up the dead at night. Is it too hard to ask for a decent and stylish headset that fits both my gaming needs and my fashion needs too? Well, apparently not as the Logitech G433 range is all about merging the gamer with the fashionable headsets on the market such as Beats and Marleys. 

They look great but also offer a new level of comfortableness and versatility so you don't need to keep a separate in your bag when you are going to university or listening to music at work. If anything, I really underestimated the power of a simple headset design as the headphones slowly become part of my life in every aspect of entertainment. 


What's in the box? 

  • Logitech G433 7.1 Headset
  • 1x Aux cable with microphone
  • 1x detachable microphone 
  • 1x aux splitter
  • 2x alternate foam cups
  • 1x aux mobile cable
  • 1x carry pouch

The Logitech G433 is first and foremost a gaming headset and it looks like one at least. While it does not have RBG rings around it, the fabric design and bright colours keep it modern while the textured fabric make it look and feel like a fashion accessory too. It is also an extremely versatile headset supporting every gaming platform on the market. The USB allows you to plug it directly into your PC or console's USB port and the 2 aux cables keep options open for various modes of usage too. 


At first glance, the headset does look much more rugged than it actually feels and its only design downfall, in my opinion, is that it does feel flimsy. The plastic headband helps keep it light but it gives the design a cheap feel too. However, from a distance, it looks like an R3000 premium headset.

The headset comes in various colours like red, blue and black. So if the bright red does not suit your style then the black will at least. I loved the red shade and the blue also looks pretty awesome. The colours flow right into every aspect of the headset and there is no alternate shade to it when you are looking at it. Even the inner earphones are red when you take the foam cups off of it. 


Speaking of foam cups, the headset allows for a complete 90-degree rotation of these cups which is great for resting the headset on your chest when you take them off. It also means it is easier to pack away when you are putting them into the included (and pretty awesome) travel pouch. These ear cups are exchangeable with others that come bundled with the headset. 


You can either put on a netted-like cup that allows for more breathing or a microfiber pad. Either way, they both offer the same level of comfort and sound and I never had an issue with heat build up at all. The lightness of the headset also keeps the cups comfortable for long periods of time.

Technical Features

The Logitech G433 is an extremely versatile headset. The cables included in the box allow for the headset to suit any gamer's style and preference. The USB DAC allows for a 7.1-inch surround sound configuration, there is a detachable microphone (also red) and if you hate things hanging in your face (we all do at times) you can use the 3.5 mm cable that also has an in-line microphone included. This sort of cable was perfect for portable gaming. 


I personally just plugged the headset directly into my DualShock 4 when playing on PS4, and when playing on my iPhone X and Nintendo Switch the same cable came in handy too. The only time I changed things up was when I used the headset on my PC. The Logitech Gaming Software, which is a free download, was a great tool to customize the EQ settings and enable DTS virtual surround sound. There is also a wide selection of specific game presets that you can choose from that are tailored for specific games. Similar to the PS4's Gold Headset.

Sound Quality on the G433 was great all-round. Whatever I threw at it on any platform, the device performed pretty well. With it being such a stylish headset the best part about it was the ability to have my daily Apple Music binge without needing to worry that I look like a freak using a gaming headset for typical music sessions. While music coming out of the headphones are not as great as a music-designed headset, the G433 held its own without compromising on the quality of the songs. Bass was never overdone and the general output was pleasant.  


Gaming was a whole other level of quality as a typical session with the headset always ended with me being impressed by it. I hate using a headset while gaming as I do not like to feel caged in and the G433 was light and comfortable in that regard. Sound quality from every game was also a fantastic experience. Sounds were clear, music was pushed through with great power and explosions and loud sounds had a special bang to them. In chat parties, my friends could also hear me much better than usual which is also good news for them. This was using both the in-line microphone and the detachable one. 


There is really nothing much I can say about the experience while gaming other than the G433 delivered a great experience regardless of the game I booted up. I also threw in some Spotify on my PS4 at the same time and the results were awesome. 


In all honesty, if you are looking for a headset that not only doubles up but triples up as a lifestyle headset, gaming headset and general use too then the Logitech G433 is a great option. Its versatility is unmatched thanks to its great design and support for all gaming platforms and even mobile and music support. Best of all, it looks stylish, something many headsets fail to do these days. 

This review was based on a device Logitech sent to us for a two-week period. You can buy the devices on Takealot and Evetech starting at R1599

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