Study Finds Video Game Loot Boxes Linked to Gambling Addiction – Million UK Children Affected
Loot Box Gambling Addiction
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Video game loot boxes are no stranger to controversy. The issues surrounding the mechanic has been in the press for a while now and every now and then the topic heats up. This time a new study proves that loot boxes do indeed have a link to gambling addiction as they could be used as a gateway drug to gambling issues.

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According to the study, almost a million UK children could have been exposed to the problem as it found that 39% of UK kids aged between 6 and 11 regularly gamble. This is done by either using their parent’s accounts or privately with friends. The data was collected by studying 2,865 children between the age of 6 and 11.

The study also shows that child gambling had quadrupled in the UK in just two years. The commision raised concerns that close to a million young people had been exposed to loot boxes in video games and smartphone apps.

Since the rise of loot boxes in games, the number of young children gambling has also rose which has shows evidence that the in-game gambling feature has become an entry drug into possible gambling problems in the youth. Shocking reports in the UK reveal that pubs don’t even try and prevent young kids from gambling inside them, rather they allow it for income.

The study is pretty straightforward. Gaming loot boxes have been on the rise and underage gambling in the UK has been growing at the same pace. The link between the two is more than a coincidence.

The age-old question still remains; do you think loot boxes are gambling or an entry point into gambling addiction? Let us know in the comments below.






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