Amazon is Developing a Lord of the Rings MMO
Lord of the Rings MMO Amazon Show
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Amazon Game Studios has announced it is working on a new game, a Lord of the Rings MMO in partnership with Leyou. The new Lord of the Rings MMORPG will be released as a free-to-play game for both consoles and PC.

We already knew the game was in development as Leyou announced it back last year but the company did not reveal who the partner was that was working with the developer. Amazon Game Studios has now confirmed this news.

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The game is set “a long time before the events of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy and will follow untold events, showcase new lands, people and creatures never seen before.

Leyou has some experience with MMOs as they are the team behind Warframe. As for Amazon Game Studios, they are currently working on New World. Both of these companies have their fair share of game development history which should calm fans down who are worried about them taking a beloved IP to the grave.

The Lord of the Rings Online has been around for over ten years now. Originally released in 2007, the game has been receiving updates ever since. This new Amazon Game Studios Lord of the Rings MMO will be a brand new experience and will not be related to the old MMO at all.

We don’t know when Amazon will release official gameplay or more information about the new upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO but we will have to wait and see what goes down in the future.






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