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Lords of The Fallen – How to Get The Pumpkin Patch Halloween Helmet

Lords of the Fallen is hosting a special Halloween event. As part of the latest game update which adds some performance improvements and bug fixes, the game also has a cool obtainable Pumpkin Patch Helmet. It is actually made of skin so a Pumpskin Helmet.

Getting this helmet isn’t easy. In fact, you’ll need to spend time solving riddles and following the clues in order to obtain them. The event sees players track down yellow moths and in the Umbral Realm, these moths reveal a tether point (soulflay) to a lantern which you can access to obtain a fragment of the helmet.

But instead of actually doing the work, we have a full guide on where these fragments can be found. So you can simply go there, activate the tether and move on.

You also need to have beaten the Hushed Saint boss before these lanterns will appear. This boss is fairly early in the game.

The Lords of the Fallen Pumpkin Patch Guide

One dwells amidst the company of the celebrated dead.
Another in a lonely hamlet where the streets ran red
One’s to be found where the bitter sacrificed dwell
Another in a place where an innocent girl fell
One demands from you a head for heights
Only then can you face a shadow by beacon’s light
Steel yourself in the garb of one who speaks not
And hope in that bleak ground your bones do not rot

Location 1 

The first lantern is located near the start of the game. In Redcorpse near the large tree in the centre of the courtyard, head into the shack on the left-hand side. An annoying enemy will keep tossing stuff at you from the right-hand side rooftop.

Once in the shack with broken walls, break the boxes on the far-end corner to reveal the moths. If you’re already in the Umbral Realm, you’ll see the floating object you can tether.

Location 2

From the Skyrest Vestige turn directly around and exit the far-back door. Run down the right-hand side of the next area and exit into the door on the right. Circle down the stairs until you get to a gate. Enter the Umbral Realm and pass through. Continue down the spine staircase into another room. The lantern is on the right-hand side.

Location 3

From the Vestige of Valad in Fen, walk into the shortcut right past the rest point and through the door. Head up the ladder on the left-hand side (only visible in Umbral) and continue up the path. Once you see the burning wood and the crouched enemy, you’ll see the lantern floating on the left of it. Be careful not to get jumped by the enemy behind the wagon.

Location 4

Travel to Pilgrim’s Perch Vestige of Ferrers the Charred. Turn to your right and run down the hill and into the wooden makeshift platform. Take the elevator down. Once at the bottom run forward and take the ladder on the left up. Once there, kill the annoying enemies that have infinite range. Just under the plank connecting the two wooden platforms, you’ll see the lantern dangling slightly under the higher platform.

Location 5

Travel to Fief Vestige of Loash. Turn right and enter the walkway made of twigs. Run into the open courtyard and keep to your right. Enter the brick doorway and head down the ladder. Exit the door and turn immediately to your left. Run across the platform into the next guard house and exit the door immediately in front of you.

Keep running straight through all the broken archways until you get into another guard house. Once inside, immediately turn to your left and drop down the ladder. Exit the door into an open area and walk towards the rock formation in front of two wooden floorboards. Stand on these wooden platforms and enter the Umbral Realm.

Once there, head down a few steps and turn left. You’ll want to follow this dried-up waterway and continue under the bridge archway to a small house. Break the Umbral Door in the way and enter. Take the right pathway as soon as you pass into the door and follow the path. The lantern can be found at the end.

Once you have all five fragments you can summon the pumpkin helmet by returning to the Hushed Saint boss room and finding a small slip walkway on the outer side of the map. Place down each fragment and the helmet will appear.

Here’s a full video guide by YouTuber Seanc994 if you prefer to watch the content.

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