Lost Ark Gets Entire New Region of Servers to Handle New Players

"Aimed at new players joining the game"

Lost Ark Steam Half a Million Players Server Issues
Lost Ark Gets Entire New Region of Servers to Handle New Players

Lost Ark has become one of the biggest game launches in years. So much so that Steam reports it is now its second most-played game of all time. However, that success does not come without issues. Lost Ark is unplayable for most players due to server congestion facing the game. Thankfully, Smilegate has a plan that revolves around adding an entire region of new servers to cope with the demand.

In a blog post, Smilegate says that it is working “as quickly as possible” to add the new region to the game. The developer didn’t share any exact details on how many servers they are adding to Lost Ark but they will expand the game with a whole new region which will probably add over a dozen new servers to the mix.

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The new region does come with some restrictions. It is meant for new players joining Lost Ark. This means Smilegate hasn’t made it possible for players to move their progress from one region to the next. This is to prevent existing players from filling up the new servers.

While the new Lost Ark region and servers aren’t live yet, the studio is working “24/7 until it’s live.” However, the studio also says that it will take additional time to iron out any issues that might pop up during the launch of this new region.

This is also not the first time Smilegate has added servers to the game. The studio was forced to add more than a dozen new servers to Lost Ark before the game was even released. Since launch, these additional servers have also been filled to the brim resulting in long queue times for players. Thankfully, Smilegate seems to be on top of things. The developer has even given players skins, mounts and consumable items to apologize for the issues.

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