Lost Ark Steam Half a Million Players Server Issues

Lost Ark Hits Half a Million Players on Steam Amidst Server Issues

Lost Ark, the Korean free-to-play MMORPG which was recently localized for a global release in the Americas and Europe by Amazon, launched early on Steam yesterday for players who purchased the Founders Packs. It managed to peak with 532,000 players, leading to several server issues that the developer is currently addressing.

As reported by PC Gamer, Lost Ark‘s pre-launch ahead of its actual release on 11 February caused some troublesome server issues on Steam. Players complained about long download times and not being able to join crowded servers. Valve stepped in to also address the issues and are currently looking into them.

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Lost Ark originally launched in 2019 in South Korea, but was only picked up by Amazon Game Studios recently for a wider release worldwide. This marks Amazon’s second record-breaking MMO in two years, as they previously released New World last year to similar player numbers (and server stresses).

Lost Ark released a statement warning players that the game is experiencing major server issues:

“Please be aware that there are servers in each region with no or low queue times that you can join if you want to enter Arkesia more quickly!”

As for everyone planning to pick up the game for free, it launches on 11 February. As mentioned before, players who purchased one of the Founders Packs managed to get a head-start on the game yesterday, but it turns out this amounted to half a million players. Those numbers are only expected to rise once the game officially launches later this week.

Lost Ark is often described as a mix between Diablo and Monster Hunter, making use of several classes and sub-classes that players can choose, ranging from stealthy assassins and mages to warriors and brutes. The MMORPG’s diverse role-playing opportunities are sure to be a big attraction factor for some players hungry for a new free-to-play title.

Source: PC Gamer

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