Lost Soul Aside Early 2024 Sony PS5 Gameplay

Lost Soul Aside Arrives Early 2024 – New Gameplay Released

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it will publish the Chinese-developed action-RPG Lost Soul Aside from UltiZero Games and release it globally in early 2024. The news was accompanied by a new gameplay trailer that showed off more of the game’s world, exciting hack-and-slash combat and various abilities. As reported back in April 2021, it’s expected to release on PS5 but other platforms haven’t been confirmed yet.

The latest gameplay trailer for Lost Soul Aside shows the anticipated action RPG in a much more polished state with great visuals, stylish combat and more variety in its environments. We’ve only ever seen vertical slices of the gameplay before in smaller sections, but the new gameplay really expands the areas and levels. The combat remains the highlight of Lost Soul Aside, which seems to draw plenty of inspiration from other hack-and-slash action games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and even a bit of the action-RPG Final Fantasy XV.

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Little is known about Lost Soul Aside other than what we’ve seen in trailers so far. The game caught the attention of players several years ago and eventually, the eye of Sony as it’s now serving as the global publisher of the title. Whether this means that it will be a PS5 exclusive or timed exclusive remains to be seen, but we’ll surely know more information closer to the time.

UltiZero Games is a relatively small team from Shanghai, China. The company’s Crunchbase profile reveals that around 10 employees currently work there, though its official website appears to be down.

Lost Soul Aside will need a bit more time in development and it’s wisely avoiding the busy 2023 calendar for video game releases. We’ll hopefully learn more about the game in the coming months with Sony officially backing it now.

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Lost Soul Aside below.

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