Lost Soul Aside PS5

Lost Soul Aside is an Intense Action RPG With Some Impressive Fast-Paced Combat

If you have never heard of Lost Soul Aside before then you are not alone. I had no idea this game even existed until YouTube spammed my feed with trailers and gameplay this morning. However, after watching the 18-minute gameplay clip I kinda need this game in my life. It seems to blend fast-paced combat similar to Bayonetta with a Devil May Cry visual aesthetic to deliver an impressive-looking game.

Lost Soul Aside is an upcoming action RPG developed by Chinese studio UltiZeroGames. According to the development history, the game was actually announced back in 2016 as a one-man project from Chinese developer Yang Bing. However, since its announcement, Sony picked up the project in China through its Chinese Hero Project Program and now the development team is sitting at around thirty people.


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The first gameplay for Lost Soul Aside features 18 minutes of fast-paced action with loads of combat. It is flashy and almost like watching a crazy fight in a popular anime show. Except for it not being an animation and all. It kind of reminds me of the combat in Final Fantasy XV but dialled up to an eleven.

Lost Soul Aside PS5

The start of the video showcases a ho-down between two characters as they fly across the battlefield. The controllable character, named Kazer can use his strange dragon creature to skate through the air and turn it into a weapon to use against the enemy. As for the opponent, he summons thousands of blades and tosses them at the player. It is quite a remarkable battle.

But the final battle in the trailer is where the game really shines. The player seems to go up against some sort of Bahamut clone with wings that shoot lasers. The fight is intense as the player needs to dodge at the right moment to trigger a sort of slow down effect. In the end, he pummels the life out of the creature with over a dozen slashes. Wow! I can only imagine how cool it must feel to play.

Lost Soul Aside PS5

Lost Soul Aside is currently in development at UltiZeroGames. The composer for Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 just joined the soundtrack team. However, we don’t know what platforms the game is headed to. Sony is expected to showcase the game during the PlayStation China Showcase this week so perhaps we have another PS5 exclusive on our hands? Check out the gameplay down below.

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