Lost Soul Aside Gameplay Action Visuals RTX Trailer

Lost Soul Aside Shows Off Stunning Combat and Visuals in New RTX Trailer

Lost Soul Aside, the upcoming action-RPG from developer Ultizero Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, made a huge splash at ChinaJoy 2023 over the weekend, allowing attendees to get hands-on with the game. To generate excitement, Ultizero Games also released a stunning new RTX trailer showing off the game’s gorgeous visuals and fast-paced, amazing combat gameplay.

The latest RTX gameplay trailer for Lost Soul Aside transports players into a fantasy world with beautiful vistas and enormous enemies to defeat. For the most part, the trailer focuses on what appears to be a large-scaled boss battle against a colossal spear-wielding water creature. We also get glimpses of traversal, some of the environments and a closer look at the flexible real-time combat system.

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Lost Soul Aside seems to be drawing inspiration from a number of games. Its impressive combat system is reminiscent of titles like Final Fantasy XVI, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry while its world design and visuals are stylish and crisp. Since we haven’t received word yet if Capcom is working on another Devil May Cry, this might be the next best option for your stylish action fix.

At the time of writing, Lost Soul Aside still doesn’t have a concrete release date. However, Ultizero Games previously stated that it will be targeting an early 2024 release for PS5 and PC. The game originally began development as a PS4 exclusive and was intended to launch way back in 2018, though it looks like development was extended to accommodate the PS5’s more capably powerful hardware.

While Ultizero Games has yet to release uncut or extended gameplay, DSO Gaming managed to record around 10 minutes of gameplay from the show floor, though it’s not exactly the best quality. We recommend waiting for an official upload from the developers or publishers.

Lost Soul Aside is expected to release in early 2024 for PS5 and PC. Check out the latest RTX trailer below:

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