Ludus Cosplay Wins Comic Con Africa Championship
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Ludus Cosplay Wins Comic Con Africa Championship

The man, the mythos, the legend! Luke Andalis aka Ludus Cosplay himself claimed the title of Comic Con Africa 2022: Cosplay Championship Winner! He will now be representing South Africa at MCM London to compete in the world finals against all other countries.

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Luke created a phenomenal Aratak cosplay from Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. He is also the first-ever male cosplayer to go on to represent South Africa internationally. He won the Comic Con Cape Town championship, so he is the regional champion as well as now the Comic Con Africa champion. Luke takes home an R10 000 cash prize, a fantastic hamper that was even too big for him to fly down with so it’s being shipped and of course, he wins an amazing all-expense trip to MCM London to compete on an international level! 

As I said in my previous article, Comic Con Africa 2022 was never possible before. I don’t think we really recognize the significance of a Comic Con here in Africa. The unprovoked access it gives to have a chance to compete on an international level while also encouraging the growth of its local fanbase.

The heroes behind the scenes work tirelessly to make sure all that is possible and more for their winners. 

If you heard the crowd that day when Eliot announced the eventual winner, you would know that this man truly deserved it. Everyone was on their feet screaming, chanting, shouting his name and just so happy that he won. There was nary a boo or dull face on the main stage that day. 

This win is the culmination of 15 years in the making that Luke has fallen in love with cosplaying and has been making his own cosplays to compete ever since. He started at the impressionable age of 20. The Aratak cosplay from Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds alone took him 8 months to complete. You can go see the diary of him making it on his Instagram. 

Ludus Cosplay Wins Comic Con Africa Championship

“It hit me and I was like wooooah, that’s crazy. I’m really really really honored and you know, no pressure…hahahaha. I’m very overwhelmed, I’m very grateful ffor it all. I can’t wait to go home and hug my dog.

Luke shared some insight into the creation of his award-winning look saying:

It’s a full circle moment for me. I worked 8 months on the costume and through the process you get excited so you push yourself because you want to win. But in the same breath, I was like very content with what I’ve created even if I didn’t win, I would still be really proud of what I did. I mean when you enter competitions, the actual competition is within ourselves so I feel like I’ve won. So that’s why I get quite emotional because it feels like I’ve achieved what I set out to.

I’m proud of myself and so grateful for the support that’s all around me. So, when it becomes official out there in the world, not only within me the flood gates just open and I turn into the mush pit of emotions and tears. I couldn’t even get up the steps, I was shaking. That’s why it took so long to get on stage. It hit me.”

Thank you to Luke Andalis for that wholesome, honest and inspiring quote on his big Win feelings. There is such wisdom in this, be proud internally first of what you have achieved. The external validation will come later but be centred within yourself first. What a humble guy, to still be feeling all these emotions after winning so many competitions already. It is humbling to see him tear up on stage and truly be grateful for winning while giving his heart on a sleeve to fans who are just screaming their lungs off to him.

I am just so happy for him and cannot wait to see him compete on the international stage. Send him all the love and support he needs. You can check out all his social links here.

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