Mafia 4 is a Prequel Set in Late 19th Century – Report

"Focused on Don Salieri"

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Mafia 4 is a Prequel Set in Late 19th Century – Report

Mafia 4 is reportedly in the works at Hanger 13. Last week, we shared the news that the developer was working on a brand-new game that would mark an entirely new entry in the series. This being after the studio remade the first game and remastered Mafia II and Mafia III. According to a new report, the latest game is not actually a sequel. In fact, Mafia 4 is a prequel to the entire series set way before the events of the first game.

The news comes from XboxEra. According to Shpeshal Nick who touched on the subject during the podcast, he confirmed Mafia 4 is a prequel to the first game and will span the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Mafia 4 will reportedly take place in Sicily and revolve around a lead character from the original game, Don Salieri. Don was the boss of Tommy who was the main protagonist in Mafia 1.

By the sound of things, Mafia 4 will expose the story around Don Salieri and perhaps showcase his life as a youngster as he made his way up the ranks in Sicily. Lastly, the report claims that Mafia 4 has ditched the game engine that Hanger 13 used to make Mafia III. Instead, the developer has taken on the Unreal Engine 5 as the engine to run the game.

We don’t know when Mafia 4 is expected to launch. Given the game’s early development in Unreal Engine 5, it might be some time before we get to see the project for ourselves.

Source: XboxEra

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