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Mafia 4 Will Have Stealth Combat and Multiplayer Elements – Report

It’s not a big secret that developer Hangar 13 is currently developing Mafia 4. While the sequel has yet to be announced, several reports and rumours have surfaced online offering details about the next Mafia game. According to new job listings from the studio, Mafia 4 might feature stealth combat and possible multiplayer or live service elements.

Reddit user ielboy1 recently compiled a series of job listings recently posted by Hangar 13 seeking potential developers to work on the next Mafia game. Principal Designer AI and Lead AI Designer job listings were specifically posted, shedding some light on new details about Mafia 4. “Work closely with the AI Lead and relevant stakeholders to ensure delivery of engaging Stealth and Combat gameplay loops, Hands-on design and development of our combat and non-combat NPCs,” reads one of the job descriptions.

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It sounds like improving AI behaviour is a big deal for Hangar 13 as the job listings frequently mention it. More specifically, AI is being improved to accomodate the game’s stealth combat. This is the first job listing that outright mentions the next Mafia game as previous ones danced around what project developers would be working on.

Stealth combat isn’t exactly new to the Mafia franchise. Mafia 3 dabbled in stealth mechanics but it was criticised for being clunky and lackluster. Hangar 13 might be aiming to improve those elements after taking feedback into account for Mafia 4.

Furthermore, another job listing seeking a Senior Systems Designer in Brighton, UK (the location of Hangar 13’s main studio) asks for someone with experience in AAA games, multiplayer games and/or live service game design. This could hint at Mafia 4 having multiplayer or live service features of some kind, though we wouldn’t say it’s a certainty.

Mafia 4 is currently in development though it might be a while until it’s officially announced.

Source: Reddit

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