Mafia Game Twitter Account Comes Alive Hinting at Possible Reveal

Last week we heard rumours about a possible Mafia II Remaster in development. Last night, the official Twitter account came back to life after two years of being dormant. The account simply tweeted “Family” and reignited the Remaster rumours.

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While the account’s new activity does not confirm a game announcement, multiple sources have claimed that Hanger 13 is working on either a sequel to the mediocre Mafia 3 or a Remaster. In addition, 2K Games also confirmed earlier this year that a new game developed by Hanger 13 will be revealed this year.

Last month, multiple ratings for Mafia II: Definitive Edition leaked. Sources claim whatever is in development will be announced tomorrow as part of Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. The first of many game reveals are scheduled to debut on 12 May. We won’t be surprised if Mafia II Definitive Edition is announced during the show. The third game in the series released in 2016 mediocre ratings. It took a rinse-and-repeat open-world approach instead of focusing on the story and characters. The second game still stands as a far more superior experience when it comes to the game’s story, characters and setting.

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