Mafia: Trilogy Remaster Revealed for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Mafia 2 Definitive Edition Remaster
Mafia: Trilogy Remaster Revealed for PS4, Xbox One and PC

After a week of teasers, Mafia Trilogy has officially been confirmed. 2K Games released a short teaser trailer to the upcoming trilogy with very little context. However, we get the idea that the package will include all three games. Namely, Mafia 2, Mafia 3 and the original release.

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The Mafia Trilogy teaser trailer featured all three games of the franchise including all of their protagonists and co-stars talking about the importance of family. Part 1 featured Thomas “Tommy” Angelo and what he has done for the family. Part 2 had Vito Scaletta and his friends talking about the same topic. In addition, part 3 features Lincoln Clay talking about his family too. There’s a lot of family talk in the trailer.

While very little is known about the Mafia Trilogy right now, 2K Games will do a full reveal on the game on 16 May 2020. By the title, we know it will be all three games packed into one. However, we don’t know if the first two will be remastered or not. Mafia 2 release back in 2010 while the first game debuted way back in 2002. In addition, Mafia 3 released in 2017.

The game pack is said to be headed to PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in late 2020. Watch the trailer down below;

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