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Major Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Update Brings Mastery Challenge Pack 2

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla received a massive update from Ubisoft yesterday with the file size ranging from 1.41GB all the way through to a whopping 12.33 GB depending on the platform bringing Mastery Challenge Pack 2.

The main change that update 1.5.1 brings is the Mastery Challenge Pack 2 which will offer players three new shrines resulting in a boss fight and will reward players with new settlement and tattoo cosmetics, as well as a new weapon and the Valkyrie Armour Set.

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The Master Challenge was introduced in June 2021 which asks players to complete trials based on melee, stealth, and ranged combat, putting their skills to the test. The Master Challenge Pack 2 will drop a little short of a year after the first pack was introduced but the rewards are quite substantial.

The update also brings the Ostara Festival back to the settlement of Ravensthorpe which will give players the ability to go egg-hunting during the day and protect the settlement from nasty spirits at night. The Ostara Festival will run from April 21st to May 12th.

May will bring update 1.5.2 which will give us access to an Armoury feature but we are still slim on details. We do know that the Armoury will allow players to store up to five loadouts of weapons, armour, and skill that players can swap between from anywhere in the world. I hope that we can also use it to store and display armour and weapons that we have collected.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update 1.5.1 also brings a host of new bug fixes and improvements to Dawn of Ragnarok, combat, main quests, and the world. You can read the full patch notes here.

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