Make Portal’s GLaDOS and Other Characters Say Whatever You Want With This New App Portal GlaDOS
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Back when Portal was originally released, the world was obsessed with GLaDOS. Her condescending script and witty voice forced people to love her even if she was trying to kill them (in the game of course). GLaDOS made Portal… Portal and her villainous voice were one of the main reasons many of us played the game. However, back then if you wanted to create your own dialogue, it required layers of sound enhancements and tweaks. Thankfully, the world has evolved and now thanks to the app, we can make GLaDOS and other popular characters say whatever we want and it only takes a few seconds.


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The full list of character is quite large. Not only can you replicate something from Portal but there’s SpongeBob Squarepants, My Little Pony, Daria and many more. Using the app is also fairly simple. You select the source (the game or series you want) and then the character from the source who you want to replicate. You can then enter anything you wish under 200 characters in the dialogue box and a few seconds later, thanks to advanced algorithms and stuff I don’t understand, the voice line will be ready.

Users can then download the sound snippet for safe-keeping. I put together this quick test below to experiment with the app. The results blew me away.

Of course, there are loads of other characters to create each with their own unique voice. It is all about who you want. Make sure you give the site a visit here to fiddle with it yourself.






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