PS5 5G Modem Router Vietnamese

Man Buys PS5 and Asks Sony To Install it as a 5G Router To Deceive His Wife

The PlayStation 5 is a strange-looking device. We have seen references to other popular tech including air conditioners, vacuums and some users have even seen buildings boasting the whole “flared collar” design. The most popular reference to the PS5 design is of course the 5G modem or router which has become a staple in the world of memes. While many of us joke about owning a PS5 by taking a photo of our similar-looking 5G modem, someone in Vietnam took it to a whole other level.

A story making the rounds on a Vietnamese Facebook group is about a family man who wanted to get a PS5 but did not want his wife to know about it. In order to sneak the console into his house, he hired a Sony staff member and told the employee to say that the console was actually a 5G modem that was being installed in their house.


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The man went as far as making the Sony employee dress up in a local network service provider’s uniform to add more authenticity to the procedure. The family man then arranged a service sticker from the local network provider which he then pasted onto the side of the console to further shroud any suspicion the wife may have had that their 5G modem was actually a PS5.

PS5 5G Modem Router Vietnamese

We don’t know how he managed to get away with this all but the installation took place and the console got its so-called “service sticker” slapped onto the side of the panel. The Sony Staff member arrived in his disguise and the wife clearly had no idea what was happening.

Perhaps the family man had a problem with gaming? Maybe it was a financial issue where the family could not afford to buy the console? Whatever it was, this guy really went to the next level to get his PS5 set up at home by passing it off as a 5G modem.

PS5 5G Modem Router

Surely the wife will notice something strange is off when the TV starts playing Demon’s Souls from the router. Also, posting the whole procedure online in a gaming group won’t do well to hide its secrecy either.

This whole story reminds me of this cartoon short which is basically the same thing but instead of a PS5, the network technician installed a PS4. Watch it down below.

Source: Gizmo China

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