People Busted For Playing Mario Kart On Stadium Screen
Mario Kart
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Every gamer loves the opportunity to bust out a game on a big screen. People at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City in the US saw a massive opportunity to play Mario Kart, and took it.

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A news chopper from KCTV5 News was out in Kansas City to get visuals of the Arrowhead Stadium, when a HUGE game of Mario Kart 8 Delux caught its attention. Kauffman Stadium is right next door to the Arrowhead Stadium and serves as a baseball arena, with it also being the home stadium for the Kansas City Royals. The footage appears to show a victory lap in Mario Kart 8 Delux, which is played on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the game below.

It turns out the game of Mario Kart was for a good cause. The Royals Charities association apparently regularly auctions off the opportunity to use the jumbo screen at Arrowhead Stadium as part of charitable fundraisers. This particular game of Mario Kart which was captured on the jumbo screen was part of a fundraiser for children and military families.

The Arrowhead Stadium’s jumbo screen might not be the optimal 16:9 aspect ratio for HD games, but it’s still probably a pretty epic experience to play a game on such a huge screen. This initiative from the Royals Charities is a fun and creative way to play some games and raise funds for good causes.

The Kauffman Stadium is currently not being used, as it’s Major League Baseball off-season at the moment. The season starts up again in March 2019 and runs all the way into September 2019. So, be sure to look out for other charitable auctions happening to possibility be able to have such a unique gaming experience, while spreading some goodness in the world.

Would you love to play a video game on a jumbo screen?






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