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Mario Movie Screening Interrupted by ‘Partially Undressed Woman’ Image

Despite being a few months old, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is currently still blazing the charts in some parts of the world as it slowly closes its massive $1.3 billion box office run. However, it is still finding ways to make headlines and this time, it’s due to a recent screening of the movie for school children in Northern Ireland that was briefly interrupted by a few seconds of a “partially undressed woman.”

According to the BBC, a group of primary school children in Northern Ireland screened The Super Mario Bros. Movie at Derry’s Waterside Theatre last Friday. An image of a “partially undressed woman” appeared to have been spliced into the movie for a few seconds, leading to confusion and outrage by the community. Police have since been brought in to investigate the matter.

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Waterside Theatre posted the incident on its social media shortly after the incident, informing the public and parents of the school children what had happened:

“Waterside Theatre is aware of an unfortunate but serious incident happening today. The welfare of our visitors is always our main concern and we will be working with the relevant authorities which means we cannot comment further at this time. We offer our sincere apologies to all those affected.”

This isn’t the only drama attached to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, unfortunately, as the entire movie was leaked on Twitter for several hours before it was removed by Nintendo. A network in Argentina also accidentally aired the movie free of charge to thousands of people.

On the bright side, at $1.3 billion, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is currently the sixteenth highest-grossing movie of all time and the second highest-grossing animated movie ever, trailing behind Frozen. Nintendo seems pleased with the results as it aims to make more movies out of its IPs next, including The Legend of Zelda.

Source: BBC

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